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Mac Miller

Is there anythinggggg on this guy? He makes it known he has a girlfriend but is either party cheating? whats the dirt on him.


Chris Drew Drama

Christofer Drew is apparently being a arrogant little prick. He was really rude in an interview with BryanStars and called his YouTube channel a joke and everything Bryan had worked for a joke and pretty much told him that nobody cared about the interviews. Some other musicians have spoken out about it. Discuss.

General Gossip?

What's been going on lately? Warped is drawing closer everyday.....

groupies all over the world

Let's talk about the groupies from all over the world.
diff countries! go!
are they still alive????
is fannie still hooking up?

Pioneer Tour (The Maine)

So, the America/Canada portion of the tour kicked off in Austin last week and I was one of the many persons attending. I have to say that it was a pretty good show.

This post is for all gossip about the tour and the band themselves, and I actually have a bit of info that I might try and see if I can find out about...

One of the things I noticed(and I normally don't because let's face it, every girl there is after John) was there was actually a pretty girl(she was the only one that was at least good looking and knew how to dress. Every other girl there was dressed super indie with their hair cropped super short, or in a band shirt)that was standing near the front right where the barriers started. She had some kind of tank top on that matched with her jacket(it had ruffles? going down the front) and after the show i noticed she had red hair.

The only reason i'm asking is because i've seen her at many other shows with other bands and now i'm intrigued. who is she? anyone know?

One Direction Post.

I was quite hesitant to make this post but after some thinking I think it's a good idea. Let's talk all about some One Direction yall'

Asking Alexandria POST

They are touring and apparently Danny is single now.

Warped tour 2012 POST

Who are you guys most excited to see? Share some of your crazy Warped Tour stories from years past. What are your thoughts on the lineup this year? Here are a few in the line up that seem to somewhat pertain to this shindig "fueled by gossip" that we are on; Breath Carolina, Four Year Strong, Mayday Parade, Mod Sun, Pierce the Veil, T. Mills, We Are The In Crowd, We The Kings, Yellowcard, You Me At Six.


I know that it is over, but I just now re-discovered how absolutely lame this thing is getting now. So let's talk about this glorious tour.
Things you can talk about in this thread:
  • Anarbor
  • We The Kings
  • Mayday Parade
  • The Downtown Fiction
Things you can NOT talk about in this thread:
  • All Time Low
  • All Time Low
  • All Time Low
  • Tay Jardine and Alex Gaskarth
  • All Time Low


Does anybody know a photobucket filled with danielle guizio pictures? (recent ones) or the password to easygweezy?



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