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like those new "gossip" tumblrs, or the wim/om&m beef, or how you didn't get tickets to an upcoming fall out boy tour because stubhub fucking sucks


Mikey Way cheated on his wife and is now engaged to that 19 year old band-stalker(that's pretty much what she is, as well as her friends). I just can't even handle this because of poor Alicia. I feel so BAD for her. Does he even care how she feels? Apparently not... Did anyone see what Bob Bryar said?

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Apparently Kailey Cost and John Ohh are not a thing because she is flying to meet Craig Owens. Not that I think that they are a thing but seriously.. Could she not pick anyone worse than Craig? Guess she has bad taste...

Of Mice and Men

This post can be anything about the band Of Mice and Men. It can be about how you feel about the bassist Aaron Pauley. It can be about how you feel about Shayley's new band. It can be about Austlan Cashby and how it exists or it can even be about Alan's new gf. 
Who cares the point is lets chat about OM&M. 
xkcd: barely 3am

pete wentz blogspot post

Does anyone remember a blog post made by Pete Wentz 5+ years ago where he described the hospital stay after his 2005 suicide attempt? I remember he described interactions with the hospital staff, etc.

Sorry for the lack of specifics - anyway, does anyone have that post saved or know what I'm talking about?